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    Dear friends,


    This information is subject to change:

    -Open for No Contact Delivery Only
    -No guarantees on same day delivery, we will be ordering flowers on demand, this means we will have very low inventory on hand and it may take an extra day or so to receive the flowers needed for you order
    -We will call recipient & leave arrangement at front door, only if it is 40*+


    Be well,

    Manda and the Shoots & Stems Floral Team


    We're on a mission to bring beauty to your home or office.


    P.S. Everyone loves getting flowers.


    Enjoy a seasonal arrangement regularly delivered to your home or office. Choose from the many options below. Subscriptions can last for 3 months, 6 months, or a year. Flowers bring joy to your customers and family!


    Program Options

    Prices below do not include delivery charges or applicable taxes. 

    12 Month Plans


    • 12 arrangements @ $35.00 - Save 25%
    • 12 arrangements @ $45.00 - Save 30%
    • 12 arrangements @ $55.00 - Save 35%


    6 Month Plans


    6 arrangements @ $35.00 - Save 15%

    6 arrangements @ $45.00 - Save 20%

    6 arrangements @ $55.00 - Save 25%

    3 Month Plans


    3 arrangements @ $35.00 - Save 5%

    3 arrangements @ $45.00 - Save 10%

    3 arrangements @ $55.00 - Save 15%

  • Appointments

    We'd Love To Meet You


    We're here for you in the happiest moments and the hardest

    If you would like us to help you with your wedding day flowers or are planning a loved one's funeral/celebration of life, PLEASE contact us and make an appointment prior to stopping in so that we may be prepared and have a comfortable setting for you.


    We are growing and want to make sure each and every one of our customers feel they are treated warmly. Setting an appointment generally ensures that we will not be interrupted by goings on in the shop.


    Thank you!


    Manda Olson-Wolfe


    Thank you for welcoming me to New Richmond! I am originally from Eleva, WI. I went to college for Entrepreneurial Management at UWEC, after school I lived in Boulder, CO for about a year (see picture above :) ) I decided to move back home and worked at a desk job for about a year and a half. Sitting behind a desk for 40-50 hours a week made me very unhappy, so I found flowers! I started taking classes at Koehler and Dramm's Institute of Floristry in Minneapolis and found a job at a flower shop in Eau Claire. The owner of that shop is originally from New Richmond and told me about Allan's Flower Shop. I came in one evening and asked him if he was interested in selling. I purchased the shop in February of 2015.


    My husband, Matt, and I welcomed our sweet baby girl, Izzy, May 5th 2017!


    Please come in and see what we've done to the place and introduce yourself to me. I LOVE meeting my customers and hearing their stories.


    Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

    Temporary Hours

    Monday-Friday 10-3

    Saturday-Sunday Closed

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